Light Microscopy : Training

Images produced by the light microscopy team at The Crick.


Our model is to train scientists to use our systems.

We provide basic training on equipment use (such as confocal microscopy) and more advanced training on specific methods (for example FRAP). We are also here for discussion and advice about experimental design, which is especially important when the goal is to generate quantitative data.

Trainings can be requested through our booking system:

In addition to providing training on specific systems, we offer courses on general topics such as Fluorescence Imaging Basics, Live Cell Imaging, and Light Sheet Microscopy to help users. Slides about these course are available in the RESOURCES page.


We’re the central forum and knowledge repository for advanced light microscopy at the Crick. We help researchers share knowledge with a regular "Image Analysis Helpdesk": a mixture of researchers from labs and Science Technology Platforms around the building, which meets regularly in the café to talk about new approaches to imaging experiments.