Making Lab

A microfluidic device

We collaborate with Crick researchers to design and manufacture cutting-edge devices by combining approaches from engineering and biomedical research. When the technique needed to answer a complex biomedical research question does not exist yet, we develop new, innovative systems to help answer the question.

Our team of engineers and biologists provides expertise in microfluidics, biomaterials, electronics, optics, mechanics, and micro- and macro-manufacturing.

We focus on technology development to build solutions for a wide range of applications, from neuroscience to in vitro modelling.

Labs across the Crick use these devices to investigate everything from the origins of cell structure, to the molecular basis of inflammation, to brain cells systems and how they give rise to complex behaviour.

We aim to be a creative, collaborative co-working space, where Crick researchers work together with Making Lab staff to exchange skills, ideas and techniques. 

We also train researchers in a prototyping-based approach to create their own designs through one-on-one training and courses. Beyond the Crick, we're looking to become leaders in the 'making' approach for biomedical research.