A microfluidic device

Making Lab : Equipment

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Our equipment falls into a few main categories: microfabrication, macrofabrication, and electronic, optical and thermal fabrication.


  • Direct write photolithography system
  • Soft lithography infrastructure (including a dedicated poly[dimethyl siloxane] spin coater, dessicator, UV ozone cleaner and plasma cleaner, and pressure-driven pumps and flow control)


  • Photomask layout software
  • 3D CAD software
  • computational fluid dynamics software
  • 3-axis CNC mill
  • STL 3D printer
  • DLP 3D printer
  • a prototype injection moulding system
  • laser cutter

Electronic, optical and thermal fabrication

  • UV spot curing system
  • electronic testing and analysis equipment
  • optical profilometer