Media Preparation

Tubes of fly food


Our media preparation facility makes sure our researchers have all the culture media – and other solutions - they might need for their work.

How much media?

  • 70,000 litres of reagents per year

  • 10,000 litres of fly food per year

  • 500 different products and recipies

The team produces a range of tissue culture media for growing cells and microbiological media for growing microorganisms, along with buffers, antibiotics, and salt and amino acid solutions – and fly food.

The team routinely produces around 500 different products, and has formulae for more than 1,500.

Working closely with researchers, they produce small batches of custom-made media – often a quicker and cheaper route than ordering commercially.

They can also test solutions for endoxins – bacterial toxins which may interfere with research results – supply endotoxin-free solutions, and sterilise equipment.