Data servers

Scientific computing : Technologies


We develop and support high-performance computing systems essential for capturing, storing and analysing scientific data. Two main scientific computing platforms are currently available to the Crick: CAMP and eMedLab.


Our first iteration of the next generation, high-performance computing and data analytics platform, named CAMP (Crick data Analysis and Management Platform), is available for use. It is designed to provide researchers with scientific data services and scientific computing and analysis services.

The compute cluster offers a Linux batch job submission environment for high-performance data analysis.

Up to 10 Petabytes of high-performance research data storage is available covering all of the institute’s research data needs, accessible from the CAMP compute cluster and via workstations across the institute.

Alongside this, our Research Computing team offers training to ensure that scientists understand and make the best use of the systems on offer. 


eMedLab is a shared private cloud computer cluster used to integrate and share heterogeneous data from personal healthcare records, imaging, pharmacoinformatics and genomics.

The Research Computing Platform team lead the multi-institute collaboration to maintain, develop, and provide support for eMedLab, which is available to Crick and eMedLab partner researchers.