Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

Network of glowing orange and blue straight lines, connected at many nodes

We support Crick science through the development of software and machine learning tools and methods.

We are a team of dedicated and highly skilled software and machine learning engineers with a broad range of backgrounds and experience both in research and commercial environments. As well as working embedded within research projects, we also support and mentor Crick researchers with the full realm of computational tasks from developing and debugging complex analysis pipelines, to helping to prepare code for publication and producing accessible web applications for visualising results.

Our work in AI looks at novel and creative ways of using deep learning algorithms to accelerate research through automation – crunching though large volumes of data to provide fast, quantifiable information, and for biological inference – taking data from multiple sources and looking for patterns and correlations to aid discovery.

With both software engineering and deep learning projects we look for opportunities to scale up and out to create production ready systems for the wider biomedical community.

We work closely with colleagues across high performance computing and infrastructure and data management to provide easy access to tools and platforms delivering first rate scientific computing services.