A genome-wide resource of cell cycle and cell shape genes of fission yeast

Journal Article: Open BiologyYear Published: (2013) Volume Number: 3, Article Number: 130053


Hayles,Jacqueline; Wood,Valerie; Jeffery,Linda; Hoe,Kwang-Lae; Kim,Dong-Uk; Park,Han-Oh; Salas-Pino,Silvia; Heichinger,Christian; Nurse,Paul

To identify near complete sets of genes required for the cell cycle and cell shape, we have visually screened a genome-wide gene deletion library of 4843 fission yeast deletion mutants (95.7% of total protein encoding genes) for their effects on these processes. A total of 513 genes have been identified as being required for cell cycle progression, 276 of which have not been previously described as cell cycle genes. Deletions of a further 333 genes lead to specific alterations in cell shape and another 524 genes result in generally misshapen cells. Here, we provide the first eukaryotic resource of gene deletions, which describes a near genome-wide set of genes required for the cell cycle and cell shape.