Archiving genetically altered animals: a review of cryopreservation and recovery methods for genome edited animals


With the ever-expanding numbers of genetically altered (GA) animals created in this new age of CRISPR/Cas, tools for helping the management of this vast and valuable resource are essential. Cryopreservation of embryos and germplasm of GA animals has been a widely used tool for many years now, allowing for the archiving, distribution and colony management of stock. However, each year brings an array of advances, improving survival rates of embryos, success rates of in-vitro fertilisation and the ability to better share lines and refine the methods to preserve them. This article will focus on the mouse field, referencing the latest developments and assessing their efficacy and ease of implementation, with a brief note on other common genetically altered species (rat, zebrafish, Xenopus, avian species and non-human Primates).

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Volume 56
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Pages 26-34
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