Cardio-thoracic ratio is stable, reproducible and has potential as a screening tool for HIV-1 related cardiac disorders in resource poor settings

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Cardiovascular disorders are common in HIV-1 infected persons in Africa and presentation is often insidious. Development of screening algorithms for cardiovascular disorders appropriate to a resource-constrained setting could facilitate timely referral. Cardiothoracic ratio (CTR) on chest radiograph (CXR) has been suggested as a potential screening tool but little is known about its reproducibility and stability. Our primary aim was to evaluate the stability and the inter-observer variability of CTR in HIV-1 infected outpatients. We further evaluated the prevalence of cardiomegaly (CTR≥0.5) and its relationship with other risk factors in this population.

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Journal PLOS ONE
Volume 11
Issue number 10
Pages e0163490
Available online
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