Early events in B cell activation

Journal Article: Annual Review of ImmunologyYear Published: (2010) Volume Number: 28, Article Number: 185-210


Harwood,Naomi E; Batista,Facundo D

B cell activation is initiated by the ligation of the B cell receptor (BCR) with antigen and ultimately results in the production of protective antibodies against potentially pathogenic invaders. Here we review recent literature concerned with the spatiotemporal dynamic characterization of the early molecular events of B cell activation, including the initiation of BCR triggering, the formation of BCR microclusters, and the dynamic regulation of BCR signaling. Because these events involve the considerable reorganization of molecules within the membrane, an important role for the cytoskeleton is emerging in the regulation of B cell activation. At each stage we highlight the role of the cytoskeleton, establishing its pivotal position during the initiation and regulation of B cell activation.