Expression levels of Fv1: effects on retroviral restriction specificities

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The mouse protein Fv1 is a factor that can confer resistance to retroviral infection. The two major Fv1 alleles from laboratory mice, Fv1 (n) and Fv1 (b) , restrict infection by different murine leukaemia viruses (MLVs). Fv1(n) restricts B-tropic MLV, but not N-tropic MLV or NB-tropic MLV. In cells expressing Fv1(b) at natural levels, only N-MLV is restricted, however restriction of NB-MLV and partial restriction of B-MLV were observed when recombinant Fv1(b) was expressed from an MLV promoter in Fv1 null Mus dunni tail fibroblast cells. To investigate the relationship between expression level and restriction specificity we have developed new retroviral delivery vectors which allow inducible expression of Fv1, and yet allow sufficient production of fluorescent reporter proteins for analysis in our FACS-based restriction assay.

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Journal Retrovirology
Volume 13
Issue number 1
Pages 42
Available online
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