Geminin prevents DNA damage in vagal neural crest cells to ensure normal enteric neurogenesis

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In vertebrate organisms, the neural crest (NC) gives rise to multipotential and highly migratory progenitors which are distributed throughout the embryo and generate, among other structures, the peripheral nervous system, including the intrinsic neuroglial networks of the gut, i.e. the enteric nervous system (ENS). The majority of enteric neurons and glia originate from vagal NC-derived progenitors which invade the foregut mesenchyme and migrate rostro-caudally to colonise the entire length of the gut. Although the migratory behaviour of NC cells has been studied extensively, it remains unclear how their properties and response to microenvironment change as they navigate through complex cellular terrains to reach their target embryonic sites.

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Journal BMC Biology
Volume 14
Issue number 1
Pages 94
Available online
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