Histone H1 alterations in cancer


Chromatin-related proteins have emerged as important players in the initiation and maintenance of several types of cancer. In addition to the established role of histone-modifying enzymes and chromatin remodelers in promoting and sustaining malignant phenotypes, recent findings suggest that the basic components of chromatin, the histone proteins, also suffer severe alterations in cancer and may contribute to the disease. Histopathological examination of clinical samples, characterization of the mutational landscape of various types of cancer and functional studies in cancer cell lines have highlighted the linker histone H1 both as a potential biomarker and a driver in cancer. This review summarizes H1 abnormalities in cancer identified by various approaches and critically discusses functional implications of such alterations, as well as potential mechanisms through which they may contribute to the disease.

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Volume 1859
Issue number 3
Pages 533-539
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