Internally tagged ubiquitin: a tool to identify linear polyubiquitin-modified proteins by mass spectrometry


Ubiquitination controls a plethora of cellular processes. Modifications by linear polyubiquitin have so far been linked with acquired and innate immunity, lymphocyte development and genotoxic stress response. Until now, a single E3 ligase complex (LUBAC), one specific deubiquitinase (OTULIN) and a very few linear polyubiquitinated substrates have been identified. Current methods for studying lysine-based polyubiquitination are not suitable for the detection of linear polyubiquitin-modified proteins. Here, we present an approach to discovering linear polyubiquitin-modified substrates by combining a lysine-less internally tagged ubiquitin (INT-Ub.7KR) with SILAC-based mass spectrometry. We applied our approach in TNFα-stimulated T-REx HEK293T cells and validated several newly identified linear polyubiquitin targets. We demonstrated that linear polyubiquitination of the novel LUBAC substrate TRAF6 is essential for NFκB signaling.

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Journal Nature Methods
Volume 14
Issue number 5
Pages 504-512
Available online
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