International cancer seminars: a focus on kidney cancer

Journal Article: Annals of OncologyYear Published: (2016) Volume Number: 27, Article Number: 1382-1385


Scelo,Ghislaine; Hofmann,Jonathan N; Banks,Rosamonde E; Bigot,Pierre; Bhatt,Rupal S; Cancel-Tassin,Géraldine; Chew,Su Kit; Creighton,Chad J; Cussenot,Olivier; Davis,Ian J; Escudier,Bernard; Frayling,Timothy M; Häggström,Christel; Hildebrandt,Michelle AT; Holcatova,Ivana; Johansson,Mattias; Linehan,W Marston; McDermott,David F; Nathanson,Katherine L; Ogawa,Seishi; Perlman,Elizabeth J; Purdue,Mark P; Stattin,Pär; Swanton,Charles; Vasudev,Naveen S; Wu,Xifeng; Znaor,Ariana; Brennan,Paul; Chanock,Stephen J

Recent years have seen important advances in our understanding of the etiology, biology and genetics of kidney cancer. To summarize important achievements and identify prominent research questions that remain, a workshop was organized by IARC and the US NCI. A series of 'difficult questions' were formulated, which should be given future priority in the areas of population, genomic and clinical research.