Metabolomics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis


Enzymes fuel the biochemical activities of all cells. Their substrates and products thus offer a potential window into the physiologic state of a cell. Metabolomics focuses on the global, or systems-level, study of small molecules in a given biological system and thus provided an experimental tool with which to study cellular physiology on a global biochemical scale. While metabolomic studies of Mycobacterium tuberculosis are still in their infancy, recent studies have begun to deliver unique insights into the composition, organization, activity, and regulation of M. tuberculosis' physiologic network. Here, we outline practical methods for the culture, collection, and analysis of metabolomic samples from Mycobacterium tuberculosis that emphasize minimal sample perturbation, broad and native metabolite recovery, and sensitive, biologically agnostic metabolite detection.

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Volume 1285
Pages 105-115
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