Purification and functional inactivation of the fission yeast MCMMCM-BP complex


The MCM (mini-chromosome maintenance) complex is the core of the eukaryotic replicative helicase and comprises six proteins, Mcm2-Mcm7. In humans, a variant form of the complex has Mcm2 replaced by the MCM-BP protein. Recent results suggest that a similar complex exists in fission yeast with an essential role in DNA replication and cell cycle progression. Here, we describe the purification and subunit composition of the fission yeast MCM(Mcb1) complex. Using newly generated temperature-sensitive alleles, we show that loss of MCM(Mcb1) function leads to accumulation of DNA damage, checkpoint activation and cell cycle arrest, and provide evidence for a role for MCM(Mcb1) in meiosis.

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Journal FEBS Letters
Volume 585
Issue number 24
Pages 3850-3855
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