Single-shot optical projection tomography for high-speed volumetric imaging of dynamic biological samples

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A single-shot adaptation of Optical Projection Tomography (OPT) for high-speed volumetric snapshot imaging of dynamic mesoscopic biological samples is presented. Conventional OPT has been applied to in vivo imaging of animal models such as D. rerio, but the sequential acquisition of projection images typically requires samples to be immobilized during the acquisition. A proof-of-principle system capable of single-shot tomography of a ~1 mm3 volume is presented, demonstrating camera-limited rates of up to 62.5 volumes/second, which has been applied to 3D imaging of a freely-swimming zebrafish embryo. This is achieved by recording 8 projection views simultaneously on 4 low-cost CMOS cameras. With no stage required to rotate the sample, this single-shot OPT system can be implemented with a component cost of under £5,000. The system design can be adapted to different sized fields of view and may be applied to a broad range of dynamic samples, including high throughput flow cytometry applied to model organisms and fluid dynamics studies. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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