SYK ubiquitination by CBL E3 ligases restrains cross-presentation of dead cell-associated antigens by type 1 dendritic cells

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Cross-presentation of dead cell-associated antigens by conventional dendritic cells type 1 (cDC1s) is critical for CD8+ T cells response against many tumors and viral infections. It is facilitated by DNGR-1 (CLEC9A), an SYK-coupled cDC1 receptor that detects dead cell debris. Here, we report that DNGR-1 engagement leads to rapid activation of CBL and CBL-B E3 ligases to cause K63-linked ubiquitination of SYK and terminate signaling. Genetic deletion of CBL E3 ligases or charge-conserved mutation of target lysines within SYK abolishes SYK ubiquitination and results in enhanced DNGR-1-dependent antigen cross-presentation. We also find that cDC1 deficient in CBL E3 ligases are more efficient at cross-priming CD8+ T cells to dead cell-associated antigens and promoting host resistance to tumors. Our findings reveal a role for CBL-dependent ubiquitination in limiting cross-presentation of dead cell-associated antigens and highlight an axis of negative regulation of cDC1 activity that could be exploited to increase anti-tumor immunity.

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Journal Cell Reports
Volume 42
Issue number 12
Pages 113506
Available online
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