Transcription of a 5' extended mRNA isoform directs dynamic chromatin changes and interference of a downstream promoter

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Cell differentiation programs require dynamic regulation of gene expression. During meiotic prophase in , expression of the kinetochore complex subunit Ndc80 is downregulated by a 5' extended long undecoded transcript isoform. Here we demonstrate a transcriptional interference mechanism that is responsible for inhibiting expression of the coding mRNA isoform. Transcription from a distal promoter directs Set1-dependent histone H3K4 dimethylation and Set2-dependent H3K36 trimethylation to establish a repressive chromatin state in the downstream canonical promoter. As a consequence, expression is repressed during meiotic prophase. The transcriptional mechanism described here is rapidly reversible, adaptable to fine-tune gene expression, and relies on Set2 and the Set3 histone deacetylase complex. Thus, expression of a 5' extended mRNA isoform causes transcriptional interference at the downstream promoter. We demonstrate that this is an effective mechanism to promote dynamic changes in gene expression during cell differentiation.

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Journal eLife
Volume 6
Pages e27420
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