WDR62 is involved in spindle assembly by interacting with CEP170 in spermatogenesis

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is the second most common genetic alteration associated with microcephaly. It has been shown that is required for germ cell meiosis initiation in mice, and the majority of male germ cells are lost in the meiotic defect of first wave spermatogenesis in mutants. Strikingly, in this study, we found that the initiation of meiosis following spermatogenesis was not affected and the germ cells were gradually repopulated at later developmental stages. However, most germ cells were arrested at metaphase of meiosis I and no mature sperm were detected in epididymides. Further, this study demonstrated that metaphase I arrest of -deficient spermatocytes was caused by asymmetric distribution of the centrosome and aberrant spindle assembly. Also, mechanistic studies demonstrated that WDR62 interacts with centrosome-associated protein CEP170, and deletion of causes downregulation of the CEP170 protein, which in turn leads to the aberrant spindle assembly. In summary, this study indicates that the meiosis of first wave spermatogenesis and the following spermatogenesis started from spermatogonium is probably regulated by different mechanisms. We also demonstrated a new function of WDR62 in germ cell meiosis, through its interaction with CEP170.

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