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Communication and the exchange of ideas between researchers is fundamental to scientific process.

We have an extensive programme of seminars, lectures and symposia that are open to scientists from other institutes and universities.

Crick Lectures

Crick Lectures provide a broad insight into biomedical research from leading scientists and typically take place on Thursdays at 16:00.

They aim to be accessible to scientists across different disciplines and are open to scientists from other institutes and universities in and around London.

Interest groups

The Crick’s interest groups bring together scientists with different sets of expertise and working on diverse biological systems. They enhance scientific discussion through regular seminars at the Crick.

Our external seminar series are open to our university partners and other scientists across London. You can join the mailing lists for the interest groups to be updated about seminars. 

No registration is required to attend (unless it is a specialist ticketed event), just ask at reception for the seminar you are interested in.

Our internal seminar series are advertised in-house and only open to Crick Interest Group and Associate Interest Group members. Applications for this programme are currently closed. Please see our Interest Groups page for guidelines on how to apply.

Medicine at the Crick

Medicine at the Crick is a series of events throughout the year for Crick scientists and the wider UK biomedical community. The events showcase major advances in biomedical science and raise awareness of their medical implications.

Organised around a particular area or theme, the events comprise a series of short talks on a, followed by a keynote lecture and a panel discussion.

Conferences and symposia

The Crick runs regular symposia, conferences and scientific meetings in our state-of-the-art auditorium.