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Our Partnership Networking Fund is a scheme introduced in January 2018 to encourage collaborations between the Crick and our university partners.

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Researchers from the Crick, UCL, Imperial and King’s can apply for up to £3,000 to support networking events that bring scientists together from the different partner organisations to develop new collaborations across disciplinary boundaries.

The Networking Fund has already supported successful events such as seminars, workshops, symposia and public engagement activities, and more are planned.

We welcome applications for networking projects that:

  • Create and promote a range of new networking events for staff and students from the Crick, UCL, Imperial and King’s to build professional networks within the partnership and beyond their own discipline
  • Support interdisciplinary researchers to make connections, share and develop ideas that could potentially be included in joint research funding applications.
  • Cross disciplinary boundaries, particularly at the clinical and physical sciences interfaces, and
  • Build the skills of those involved in the initiatives (such as communication skills and organisational skills, leadership and so on).

The projects should primarily benefit staff and students at the Crick and our university partners, but networking events could include external contacts from other universities, industry, policymakers or other organisations where appropriate.