University Partners Translation Call

Applications are open from 18 September to 15 November 2023

Crick-University Partners Translation Call

The Crick has established a dedicated translational science funding scheme to support projects within the University partnership. The scheme will be open to researchers from the Crick and University partners to establish and develop new collaborative translational projects between Crick researchers and those based at UCL, King’s or Imperial.

Objectives of the scheme

  • Support new translational science partnerships between Crick and Partner Universities (Imperial, UCL and King’s).
  • Increase opportunities for researchers within the partnership working on translational science to progress their ideas towards impact.
  • Encourage translational science collaborative applications that cross disciplinary boundaries, particularly at the engineering, clinical and physical sciences interfaces.
  • There are no restrictions in area of research that can be supported. Applications in diagnostics, medical technology and therapeutics are welcome.

See the application guidance for more information.

Download preliminary application form

Download guidance for applicants

Download draft version of full application form (for information purposes only, to be replaced by final version in the coming weeks)


  • The applicants should be employed by the Crick or one of the Crick Partner Universities (UCL, Imperial, King’s). 
  • All projects must involve applicants/co-applicants with at least one from the Crick and one from the Partner University (UCL, Imperial, King’s). The project should be a collaboration between the Crick and University researcher(s).
  • The Crick applicant should be based at the Crick for the period of the proposed project e.g Crick early career Group Leaders, Clinician Scientist Group Leaders (CSGL), Physical Scientist Group Leaders (PSGL), University Secondment group leaders, and STP leads.
  • The University applicant should be an employee of one of the partner universities, including satellite group leaders working at the Crick.
  • All applicants should be employed for the duration of the proposed project.
  • If an Applicant is a Postdoc or LRS staff or similar role at Partner University, the application must be endorsed by the group/team leader/line manager. 
  • Clinician scientists who have active clinical duties are welcome to apply.
  • Projects can involve additional stakeholders and co-applicants, such as from industry, NHS or other academic partners, but the focus of the project must be between at least one Crick and one Partner University applicant. No funding will be given to stakeholders beyond the Crick and Partner Universities (UCL, Imperial and King’s). 

See the application guidance for more information.

How to apply

This is a 2-stage process:

1. Preliminary application (four pages maximum with one page appendix) 

  • Overall objective of the project and up to 5 key words. 
  • Description of the translation opportunity including uniqueness of the approach, originality and competitiveness. 
  • Description of the added benefit of working together to advance the translational science.  
  • Detailed preliminary data supporting the proposal (up to 2 pages) plus one page of figures in a data appendix. 
  • Outline programme of work (with objectives and deliverables). 
  • Summary of likely resource requirements (personnel, running costs, STPs required) -Approximate total cost.
  • In addition to four pages above, please submit a supporting email to demonstrate approval from Partner University TTO (all applications) and supporting email to show approval from group leader/line manager (for post docs, LRS staff, or staff with non-permanent positions).

2. Full proposal

Successful applicants in stage 1 will be invited to submit a full proposal.

The full proposal consists of a Word document form and a presentation template. Please note the full application form is still in a draft stage and for information only. It will be updated in the coming weeks.

Applicants will be asked to submit both documents and present at the Translation Advisory Board. 

For information on the review process, please see the application guidance.

Contact details

Application documents should be submitted by email to the relevant University Partnership Manager (see the application guidance).

Please contact for any query.


  • Monday 18 September

    Official Launch

  • Friday 22 September

    Information Webinar 2

  • Wednesday 15 November

    Deadline for preliminary applications

  • Monday 27 November

    Review and shortlisting by the Translation Science Advisory Committee

  • Thursday 14 December

    Translation Advisory Board

  • Wednesday 6 March 2024

    Deadline for full proposal

  • Wednesday 17 April 2024

    Translation Advisory Board