Cell Biology



Mike Blackman | Proteases in host cell exit and invasion by the malaria parasite

Paola Bonfanti | The biology of epithelial stem cells and its future clinical translation.

Simon Boulton | The DNA damage response

Jeremy Carlton | Organelle dynamics

Edgar Deu | Functional characterisation of essential enzymes in Plasmodium

John Diffley | Chromosome replication

Eva Frickel | A new perspective on anti-Toxoplasma gondii immunity

Nathan Goehring | Systems biology of cell polarity networks

Maximiliano Gutierrez | Cell biology of host-pathogen interactions in tuberculosis

Caroline Hill | TGF-β superfamily signalling in development and cancer

Tony Holder | Malaria parasites and red blood cells

Justin Molloy | Single molecule studies of cell motility and cell signalling

Paul Nurse | Cell Cycle Lab

Snezhana Oliferenko | Comparative biology of mitotic division

Peter Parker | PKC signalling in cell proliferation and cancer

Peter Ratcliffe | Hypoxia biology

Peter Rosenthal | Electron cryomicroscopy of viruses and cells

Erik Sahai | Cell Biology of the tumour microenvironment

Silvia Santos | Control principles in cell decision making: lessons from quantitative biology

Thomas Surrey | Synthetic and systems biochemistry of the microtubule cytoskeleton

Peter Thorpe | Systems microscopy studies of cell division and cell fate determination

Pavel Tolar | Activation of immune receptors

Sharon Tooze | Molecular cell biology of autophagy

Moritz Treeck | Parasite host-cell interactions

Richard Treisman | Transcriptional responses to Ras and Rho signalling

James Turner | Sex chromosomes in development and disease

Sila Konur Ultanir | Kinase signaling pathways in neuronal dendrite development

Folkert van Werven | Cell fate and gene regulation

Jean-Paul Vincent | Patterning and homeostatis in developing epithelia

Karen Vousden | p53 and metabolism

Michael Way | Cellular signalling and cytoskeletal function