Cell Cycle & Chromosomes


Simon Boulton | The DNA damage response

Jeremy Carlton | Organelle dynamics

Peter Cherepanov | Chromatin structure and mobile DNA

Alessandro Costa | Architecture and dynamics of macromolecular machines

John Diffley | Chromosome replication

Nathan Goehring | Systems biology of cell polarity networks

Paul Nurse | Cell Cycle Lab

Snezhana Oliferenko | Comparative biology of mitotic division

Peter Parker | PKC signalling in cell proliferation and cancer

Silvia Santos | Control principles in cell decision making: lessons from quantitative biology

Paola Scaffidi | Cancer epigenetics

Martin Singleton | Structural biology of chromosome segregation

Steve Smerdon | Structural biology of the cell-cycle and DNA damage response

Thomas Surrey | Synthetic and systems biochemistry of the microtubule cytoskeleton

Nic Tapon | Control of tissue growth and architecture

Peter Thorpe | Systems microscopy studies of cell division and cell fate determination

James Turner | Sex chromosomes in development and disease

Frank Uhlmann | Chromosome Segregation

Folkert van Werven | Cell fate and gene regulation

Stephen West | DNA recombination, repair and cancer

Hasan Yardimci | Single molecule imaging of DNA replication