Gene Expression


Axel Behrens | Adult stem cell function in disease

James Briscoe | Neural tube development

Francesca Ciccarelli | Cancer Systems Biology

Julian Downward | Oncogenic Ras signalling in transformation

Francois Guillemot | Generation of cell diversity in the brain

Caroline Hill | TGF-β superfamily signalling in development and cancer

Steve Ley | Regulation of inflammation by MAP kinases and NF-kB

Nicholas Luscombe | Bioinformatics and computational biology

Paola Scaffidi | Cancer epigenetics

Jim Smith | The molecular basis of mesoderm formation

Jesper Svejstrup | Transcription and the repair of DNA damage

Nic Tapon | Control of tissue growth and architecture

Richard Treisman | Transcriptional responses to Ras and Rho signalling

Jernej Ule | RNA regulatory networks in neurons

Folkert van Werven | Cell fate and gene regulation

Technology Platforms

Genomics-Equipment Park