Denis Burdakov | Neural circuits, instincts, sleep and appetite

Jeremy Carlton | Organelle dynamics

Alessandro Costa | Architecture and dynamics of macromolecular machines

Nathan Goehring | Systems biology of cell polarity networks

Tim Mohun | Heart formation in vertebrates

Justin Molloy | Single molecule studies of cell motility and cell signalling

Ede Rancz | Function and connectivity of the cerebral cortex

Peter Rosenthal | Electron cryomicroscopy of viruses and cells

Erik Sahai | Cell Biology of the tumour microenvironment

Iris Salecker | Visual circuit assembly in Drosophila

Thomas Surrey | Synthetic and systems biochemistry of the microtubule cytoskeleton

Peter Thorpe | Systems microscopy studies of cell division and cell fate determination

Pavel Tolar | Activation of immune receptors

Sharon Tooze | Molecular cell biology of autophagy

Michael Way | Cellular signalling and cytoskeletal function

Hasan Yardimci | Single molecule imaging of DNA replication

Technology Platforms

Electron Microscopy

Light Microscopy