Infectious disease



Kate Bishop | Infection and replication of retroviruses

Mike Blackman | Proteases in host cell exit and invasion by the malaria parasite

Luiz Pedro Carvalho | Mycobacterium tuberculosis systems and chemical biology

Edgar Deu | Functional characterisation of essential enzymes in Plasmodium

Eva Frickel | A new perspective on anti-Toxoplasma gondii immunity

Steve Gamblin | Structural biology of influenza, energy metabolism and cancer epigenetics

Maximiliano Gutierrez | Cell biology of host-pathogen interactions in tuberculosis

Tony Holder | Malaria parasites and red blood cells

Jean Langhorne | Immunology and immunopathogenesis of malaria infections

John McCauley | Host specificity of influenza viruses

Anne O’Garra | Regulation of the immune response in infectious disease

Venizelos Papayannopoulos | Neutrophils in immune defence and disease

Caetano Reis e Sousa | Dendritic cells and innate immunity

Peter Rosenthal | Electron cryomicroscopy of viruses and cells

Jonathan Stoye | Retrovirus–host interactions

Ian Taylor | Macromolecular assemblies

Moritz Treeck | Parasite host-cell interactions

Andreas Wack | Immune response to influenza

Michael Way | Cellular signalling and cytoskeletal function

Robert Wilkinson | Understanding and intervening in tuberculosis and HIV associated tuberculosis

Douglas Young | Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the host response