Model organisms



Patricia Barral | Immune responses to lipids

Axel Behrens | Adult stem cell function in disease

Kate Bishop | Infection and replication of retroviruses

Mike Blackman | Proteases in host cell exit and invasion by the malaria parasite

Simon Boulton | The DNA damage response

James Briscoe | Neural tube development

Dinis Calado | Immune cell development and cancer

Luiz Pedro Carvalho | Mycobacterium tuberculosis systems and chemical biology

Edgar Deu | Functional characterisation of essential enzymes in Plasmodium

John Diffley | Chromosome replication

Julian Downward | Oncogenic Ras signalling in transformation

Eva Frickel | A new perspective on anti-Toxoplasma gondii immunity

Steve Gamblin | Structural biology of influenza, energy metabolism and cancer epigenetics

Nathan Goehring | Systems biology of cell polarity networks

Alex Gould | Regulation of growth and metabolism

Francois Guillemot | Generation of cell diversity in the brain

Maximiliano Gutierrez | Cell biology of host-pathogen interactions in tuberculosis

Adrian Hayday | T cells in tissue stress-surveillance and cancer

Caroline Hill | TGF-β superfamily signalling in development and cancer

Tony Holder | Malaria parasites and red blood cells

George Kassiotis | Retroviral Immunology

Jean Langhorne | Immunology and immunopathogenesis of malaria infections

Robin Lovell-Badge | Sex, stem cells and decisions of cell fate

Ilaria Malanchi | Tumour-stroma interactions in cancer development

John McCauley | Host specificity of influenza viruses

Tim Mohun | Heart formation in vertebrates

Paul Nurse | Cell Cycle Lab

Anne O’Garra | Regulation of the immune response in infectious disease

Vassilis Pachnis | Development of the nervous system

Caetano Reis e Sousa | Dendritic cells and innate immunity

Peter Rosenthal | Electron cryomicroscopy of viruses and cells

Erik Sahai | Cell Biology of the tumour microenvironment

Iris Salecker | Visual circuit assembly in Drosophila

Martin Singleton | Structural biology of chromosome segregation

Jim Smith | The molecular basis of mesoderm formation

Jonathan Stoye | Retrovirus–host interactions

Jesper Svejstrup | Transcription and the repair of DNA damage

Nic Tapon | Control of tissue growth and architecture

Ian Taylor | Macromolecular assemblies

Barry Thompson | Cell polarity and tissue morphogenesis

Peter Thorpe | Systems microscopy studies of cell division and cell fate determination

Sharon Tooze | Molecular cell biology of autophagy

Moritz Treeck | Parasite host-cell interactions

Richard Treisman | Transcriptional responses to Ras and Rho signalling

James Turner | Sex chromosomes in development and disease

Victor Tybulewicz | Immune Cell Biology Laboratory and Down Syndrome Laboratory

Frank Uhlmann | Chromosome Segregation

Folkert van Werven | Cell fate and gene regulation

Jean-Paul Vincent | Patterning and homeostatis in developing epithelia

Andreas Wack | Immune response to influenza

Michael Way | Cellular signalling and cytoskeletal function

Stephen West | DNA recombination, repair and cancer

David Wilkinson | Regulation of boundary formation and neurogenesis

Robert Wilkinson | Understanding and intervening in tuberculosis and HIV associated tuberculosis

Douglas Young | Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the host response