Signaling & Oncogenes


James Briscoe | Neural tube development

Dinis Calado | Immune cell development and cancer

Julian Downward | Oncogenic Ras signalling in transformation

Caroline Hill | TGF-β superfamily signalling in development and cancer

Vivian Li | Wnt signalling pathway, intestinal stem cells and cancer

Neil McDonald | Structural biology of growth factor signalling and cell polarity

Peter Parker | PKC signalling in cell proliferation and cancer

Peter Ratcliffe | Hypoxia biology

Katrin Rittinger | Structural biology of innate and adaptive immune signalling

Steve Smerdon | Structural biology of the cell-cycle and DNA damage response

Jim Smith | The molecular basis of mesoderm formation

Charles Swanton | Cancer evolution and genome instability

Nic Tapon | Control of tissue growth and architecture

Barry Thompson | Cell polarity and tissue morphogenesis

Sharon Tooze | Molecular cell biology of autophagy

Richard Treisman | Transcriptional responses to Ras and Rho signalling

Sila Konur Ultanir | Kinase signaling pathways in neuronal dendrite development

Jean-Paul Vincent | Patterning and homeostatis in developing epithelia

Karen Vousden | p53 and metabolism

Michael Way | Cellular signalling and cytoskeletal function