Structural Biology & Biophysics


Paul Bates | Biomolecular Modelling

Mike Blackman | Proteases in host cell exit and invasion by the malaria parasite

Peter Cherepanov | Chromatin structure and mobile DNA

Alessandro Costa | Architecture and dynamics of macromolecular machines

Steve Gamblin | Structural biology of influenza, energy metabolism and cancer epigenetics

David Jones | Mining New Gene-Disease Associations with Big Data Techniques

Neil McDonald | Structural biology of growth factor signalling and cell polarity

Justin Molloy | Single molecule studies of cell motility and cell signalling

Katrin Rittinger | Structural biology of innate and adaptive immune signalling

Peter Rosenthal | Electron cryomicroscopy of viruses and cells

Guillaume Salbreux | Theoretical physics of biology

Martin Singleton | Structural biology of chromosome segregation

Steve Smerdon | Structural biology of the cell-cycle and DNA damage response

Jonathan Stoye | Retrovirus–host interactions

Thomas Surrey | Synthetic and systems biochemistry of the microtubule cytoskeleton

Ian Taylor | Macromolecular assemblies

Willie Taylor | Protein structure analysis and design

Hasan Yardimci | Single molecule imaging of DNA replication

Technology Platforms

Peptide Chemistry

Structural Biology