The Crick Mass Spectrometry Science Technology Platform (CriMS) provides dedicated support for proteomics and metabolomics workflows.

We believe that mass spectrometry technology has the potential to impact on all disciplines of the biomedical sciences and therefore aim to bring the technology and its applications into the repertoire of the Crick research community.

We provide support for all aspects of our workflows including design, sample preparation, data acquisition, chemometrics and bioinformatics. Our aim is to maximise the impact of the technology and to extract the maximum amount of information from your sample.

Proteomics - Bram Snijders

The Protein Analysis and Proteomics technology platform aims to cover all aspects of protein mass spectrometry. The infrastructure is primarily designed to enable the peptide centred approach for protein identification, quantification (SILAC, isobaric labelling, label free), and the discovery, characterisation and quantification of post-translational modifications (PTMs) such as phosphorylation and ubiquitylation.

We also provide workflows for the structural characterisation of intact proteins and complexes. For chemometric and bioinformatics analysis we predominantly rely on MaxQuant/Andromeda/Perseus and Skyline open source software, in addition we use packages such as Mascot, Proteome discoverer and custom made R scripts.

To request analysis please send us a project enquiry.


The proteomics laboratory is located at the Francis Crick Institute's Clare Hall Laboratories and is equipped with 3 LTQ-Orbitrap (Pro,Velos,XL) systems, a Q-Exactive, a Bruker Q-TOF and an AB Sciex 5800 TOF/TOF.


Bram Snijders - Proteomics Lead