Crick lectures

The Crick lectures are open to scientists from other institutes and universities in and around London.

The lectures are delivered by leading internationally-renowned scientists and aim to be relatively accessible to scientists in other disciplines, while also offering something for the specialist. 

Crick lectures typically take place on Thursdays at 4pm in the auditorium (directions on the right). If you would like to come, please contact Ava Yeo:

Upcoming Crick lectures:

  • 5 October - Jim Smith, Francis Crick Institute, 'The first 10 hours in the life of the frog'
  • 12 October - Julian Downward, Francis Crick Institute, 'Secrets of the Ras oncogene, cancer's criminal mastermind'
  • 19 October - Peter Howley, Harvard Medical School, Boston, 'Viruses and human cancer: prevention successes and therapeutic opportunities'
  • 20 October (14:00) - Tony Hunter, Salk Institute, San Diego, 'Protein modification in health and disease: a view from the other side of the Atlantic'
  • 25 October - James Turner, Francis Crick Institute
  • 9 November - Anthony Holder, Francis Crick Institute
  • 15 November - Harold Varmus, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York
  • 23 November - Alex Gould, Francis Crick Institute
  • 30 November -  Ruslan Medzhitov, Yale University, New Haven
  • 7 December - Armand Leroi, Imperial College London
  • 14 December - Bonnie Bassler, Princeton University, New York
  • 18 January 2018 - Josef Penninger, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Vienna
  • 8 March 2018 - Elaine Fuchs, Rockefeller University, New York
  • 26 April 2018 - James Rothman, Yale University
  • 10 May 2018 - Antonio Lanzavecchia, Istituto di Ricerche Biotecnologiche, Bellinzona, Italy