The Francis Crick Institute and Dundee University Life Sciences Joint Symposium

Signal transduction in health and disease

12-14 November 2017

Organised by: Steve Ley (Francis Crick Institute), Dario Alessi (University of Dundee), Caroline Hill (Francis Crick Institute) and Julian Downward (Francis Crick Institute)

Registration will open for the joint symposium on 1 May 2017.

This event will bring eminent researchers from the UK and the USA to discuss their latest signal transduction research in the areas of infections and immunity, neurobiology, development, cancer and therapeutic targeting.

The aim of the meeting is to encourage cross-disciplinary interaction and promote new collaborations.

Short talks by early career researchers will be chosen from abstracts submitted as part of registration when it opens on 1 May 2017 (deadline for submitting abstracts will be 1 August 2017).

Symposium schedule

Symposium poster