The Francis Crick Institute will be world-class with a strong national role. Our distinctive vision for excellence includes commitments to collaboration; to developing emerging talent and exporting it the rest of the UK; to public engagement; and to helping turn discoveries into treatments as quickly as possible to improve lives and strengthen the economy. 

This section sets out the main principles that will guide the development of the Crick and the high level strategic objectives we will pursue.

At the heart of the Crick's philosophy is a commitment to the highest quality science. We believe that the necessary quality can only be delivered through a focus on the best and most imaginative scientists, which in turn requires a broad and flexible approach to our scientific programme.

The Crick's commitment to excellence, our emphasis on multidisciplinary research, our focus on young and emerging talent, our novel ways of partnership working, and our plans to export our best people to other institutions are some of the factors that will set us apart.

We have five strategic priorities:

  1. Pursue discovery without boundaries
  2. Create future science leaders
  3. Collaborate creatively to advance UK science and innovation
  4. Accelerate translation for health and wealth
  5. Engage and inspire the public

For in-depth information, download our booklet Discovery without boundaries [PDF]. A summary version [PDF] is also available.

For information on the university departments taking part in the Physical Sciences Group Leader Recruitment visit: King'sImperial and UCL.

  • The Francis Crick Institute will build on the scientific strengths of the organisations involved in this unique partnership.
  • Its multidisciplinary approach, emphasis on practical application of research, and links with academia, industry and the public sector will speed up the translation of discoveries made in the laboratory into treatments for disease.
  • Extensive training and public engagement programmes will educate and inspire scientists now and in the future.