Engage and inspire the public

A member of the local community using the Living Centre

A member of the local community using the Living Centre

The Crick's size, location and profile makes us highly visible and able to play an important role in generating excitement and interest in science. 

We also have an opportunity to help promote health and wellbeing in the local area. 

To achieve our objectives, we have developed innovative and inclusive education, public and community engagement programmes, supported by a community of active research scientists who have the skills, opportunity and desire to engage people in their work.

  1. Education outreach

    We have developed our education outreach programme in consultation with teachers, community groups, and leading science education organisations. Our programme fosters children's engagement with science and STEM professionals. The young people we work with will have the chance to take part in Crick activities and meet our staff and collaborators every year of their school career, from the early stages at primary school to when they leave school/college. 


  2. Public engagement

    Our innovative and inclusive public engagement with science programme is designed to engage, enlighten and inspire people of all ages. We create opportunities for people to learn about, and discuss, biomedical research and why it matters to our health, the economy, and society.

    Scientists from the Crick, its partners, and other clinical, medical and academic organisations share their discoveries and their enthusiasm for their work through a range of public events and activities, encouraging open discussion about biomedical research and its uses.


  3. Community engagement

    By working in partnership with the local community, we have an opportunity to engage people with the institute's work and help improve the health and wellbeing of those living in the area. We have built relationships with many local residents and organisations, and their input has helped shape our community engagement programme.

    At the heart of our local engagement is the Living Centre. Opening in 2017 and run by a group of community organisations, the Living Centre will be a vibrant, inclusive and well-used community space that provides a range of affordable services to help improve health and wellbeing.

    We also support community-led projects that help improve health and wellbeing in the local area. Our Community Chest  can provide grants of up to £3,000 to get projects off the ground or develop existing activities.


  • The Francis Crick Institute aims to bring a better understanding of science and health to wider audiences through extensive public outreach and community engagement.
  • Our education outreach programme aims to increase young people's enjoyment of and aspirations in science, and to inspire a new generation of learners.