Pursue discovery without boundaries

Confocal laser scanning of a lymphatic vessel

Confocal laser scanning of a lymphatic vessel

The Crick is one of the world's largest dedicated biomedical research centres, bringing together 1250 researchers from a range of disciplines to discover the basic biology underlying human health and disease. High quality science from the two parent institutes, the Medical Research Council's National Institute for Medical Research and Cancer Research UK's London Research Institute has provided an underpinning foundation for the Crick research portfolio.

We will identify and nurture new research opportunities and develop strong synergies and novel scientific interactions between our research groups at the Crick, the three university founders, and our other collaborators across the UK.

Our intention is to develop a distinctive approach to biomedical research that fosters excellence, breaks down barriers between disciplines, works across institutions and integrates knowledge gained from studies at different levels: molecular, cellular, organ, whole organism and population.

For in-depth information, download our booklet Discovery without boundaries [PDF]. A summary version [PDF] is also available.

  • The Crick supports creative and ambitious research that addresses important scientific questions.
  • We emphasise multi and interdisciplinary approaches to biomedicine and break down barriers between basic and clinical research.