Rare Diseases Symposium

1st Crick Rare Diseases Conference 2022

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  • Start time: 09:00 End time: - 17:00
  • Event Location: The Francis Crick Institute
  • Event Type: Symposia
To mark World Rare Diseases Day 2022 we are hosting our first Crick Conference highlighting the importance of the science of rare diseases.

Expert speakers are drawn from the Crick and our three partner universities, UCL, Kings and Imperial. The conference is aimed at scientists, clinician scientists and doctors.

Registration is required but attendance is free. This will be a hybrid meeting with up to 100 participants able to attend in person at the Crick and the remainder joining on zoom. Zoom details will be sent out in advance of the event.

Programme. Timings are in GMT

Confirmed speakers

Neil Bulstrode

Mr Neil Bulstrode

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Paolo di Coppi

Professor  Paolo de Coppi 

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Uta Griesenbach

 Prof Uta Griesenbach

Imperial College London

Rickie Patani

 Professor Rickie Patani

The Francis Crick Institute and UCL

Liz Patton

 Professor Elizabeth Patton

University of Edinburgh

Polubothu, Satyamaanasa

Dr Satyamaanasa Polubothu

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Neil Rajan

Dr Neil Rajan

Newcastle University

Professor David Rees

Professor David Rees

King’s College London

Richard Thompson

Professor Richard Thompson

King’s College London


Veronica Kinsler

 Professor Veronica Kinsler

The Francis Crick Institute


 John Achermann


Uta Griesenbach


 David Rees