SML rendering of the reconstruction of chromatin structure on Chromosome 19.

3D single molecule localisation workshop

  • Event date: -
  • Start time: 09:30 End time: - 19:30
  • Event Location: The Francis Crick Institute
  • Event Type: Training

Concepts, sample prep, multiplexing and analysis

The seminar series will present a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental concepts, experimental considerations, data acquisition, and analysis methodologies of single molecule localization microscopy by research experts and Bruker scientific staff.

The event is broken into two parts, a seminar series open to everyone, and a workshop series run for people interested in using a Vutara single molecule localization microscope in their research. The workshop series will consist of two, two hour blocks, one on data acquisition, and one on data analysis. These workshops will be repeated on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Note, there is no activity on Tuesday, February 18th.​

Confirmed Speakers for the Seminar Series on Monday:

Hosted by Deborah Aubyn and Todd Fallesen.