Cancer cells and CAF

3rd Crick International Cancer Conference

  • Event date: -
  • Start time: 09:00 End time: - 17:00
  • Event Location: The Francis Crick Institute
  • Event Type: Symposia
We are delighted to announce that we will host our 3rd International  Crick Cancer Conference this October. Confirmed speakers below with detailed programme to follow shortly.  We very much hope that this conference will see a return to more in person attendance which will give us back the networking opportunities that we have missed over the past year. We are of course aware that Covid19 is still with us and are offering virtual tickets for those unable to travel to London. We look forward to seeing you in October.    

This biennial event will explore Cancer at the cell, tissue, and organism level; focusing on the myriad of cell-cell interactions that determine the course of the disease in patients. Headline topics will include metastasis, local and systemic interactions with the immune system, and metabolism. 


Session one: focuses on the local microenvironment of primary tumours. Topics likely to be covered include the influence of the extracellular matrix and myeloid cells on cancer cell behaviour and epithelial to mesenchymal transitions.

Session two: will address the process of metastasis from primary to secondary site. Topics will include the pre-metastatic niche, cancer dormancy, and how ageing influences the tumour microenvironment.

Day one concludes with a keynote from Doug Hanahan, a pioneer in mouse models of cancer and tumour – stroma interactions, including with the nervous system and a poster session with networking drinks.


Session three: will explore how metastatic disease responds to therapy. Topics likely to be covered include inter-metastasis heterogeneity within individual patients, monitoring metastatic disease progression via the blood, and systemic effects of therapy on the immune system.

Session four: the meeting will conclude with consideration of the systemic and metabolic consequence of cancer. Focus will be on intra-tumour heterogeneity in metabolism and cachexia.

Both days will include lunchtime discussion forums and dedicated poster sessions.

People are invited to submit abstracts for short talks, flash talks and for poster sessions -please use this form and follow guidelines.

'Bursary’ tickets: We have allocated a small number of free virtual places for early career researchers and students who don’t have access to financial meeting support from their institutions - please contact if you feel you qualify for one of these. Applications from low/middle income countries are welcome.