Rare Diseases Symposium

3rd Crick Rare Diseases Conference

We are pleased to be hosting the third Crick Rare Diseases Conference to be held at the Crick on 26th February to mark World Rare Diseases Day 2024.

The Rare Diseases Conference is back, bringing together a group of experts in the field of rare diseases from across the UK. The conference will be a multidisciplinary event with participation from scientists, doctors, and industry partners. The talks will cover a wide range of topics, including the biology and treatment of specific rare diseases, chromatin remodelling, DNA damage, cancer, and more. Industry speakers will bring a different perspective on the field showcasing the latest advances in drug development and other treatments such as AAV and mismatch repair machinery targeting. 

You can download a booklet with biographies of all speakers here.


Provisional Schedule

Confirmed speakers

Jenny Lord

Dr Jenny Lord
University of Sheffield

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