A lecture taking place at the Crick.

: Adaptive coding in the central auditory system


Andrew King

Wellcome Principle Research Fellow | University of Oxford

If we are to understand how activity in the brain gives rise to auditory perception and guides behaviour, it is essential to consider the way in which neural processing is shaped both by the sensory and behavioural context in which sounds occur and by lifelong changes in experience that refine or degrade perceptual abilities as a result of learning or hearing loss.

This talk will consider the neural circuits and strategies that enable the auditory system to adjust to the statistics of the auditory scene – variations in contrast as the background noise level changes – and the functional consequences of doing so, as well as to longer lasting changes in inputs that result from hearing impairments. In addition to providing insights into the adaptive capabilities of the auditory system, our findings indicate that different forms of plasticity may represent therapeutic targets for restoring perceptual abilities following hearing loss.

Hosted by: Ede Rancz 

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