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Flamingo: a shareable, configurable platform for multi-application light sheet fluorescence microscopy

Rory M. Power (Morgridge Institute for Research) is giving a lecture as part of the Advanced Image and Analysis Forum.

Kurt Anderson, head of Advanced Light Microscopy at the Crick, will be hosting.

Light sheet fluorescence microscopy excels for fast and gentle imaging of dynamic processes in mesoscopic samples such as developing embryos and larvae. The bewildering array of variants reported [1] highlights that unlocking the full potential of this technology requires application specific approaches, whereby the microscope is ‘constructed around the sample’. With the ever-increasing complexity of biological studies undertaken, increasingly specific approaches are required. However, demand for these technologies far outstrips supply despite the best efforts of introductory open source initiatives [2]. This presents challenges as to how to provide for these needs given the cost of commercial technologies and their rapid obsolescence.

Despite the increasing prevalence of imaging centers featuring cutting-edge pre-commercial technologies (e.g. Janelia’s AIC), living biological systems often travel poorly and the short visits entailed rarely allow for refinement of protocols, controls or additional experiments.

To overcome these challenges, we have developed the Flamingo: a compact and powerful platform for light sheet microscopy configurable to a range of applications and capable of traveling from lab to lab as a community resource and collaborative tool. Crucially, the Flamingo sidesteps rapid obsolescence through easy upgradeability and an expanding functional palette and is being developed via dialogue between microscope developers and the biological community.

[1] Pitrone et al., Nature Methods, 2013

[2] Power and Huisken, Nature Methods, 2017

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