Exterior of the Francis Crick Institute at night.

Art Night

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About Art Night

Art Night is London’s largest free contemporary art festival. Each year the festival partners with a leading cultural institution and/or independent curator, focusing on a different area of London to explore its distinctive identity, culture and architecture through various forms of art.

In 2019, Art Night takes place in Walthamstow and King's Cross on 22 June.

Art Night at the Crick

We'll be hosting a sound and video installation, Transpositions, from artist Sophie Seita, which takes inspiration from Barbara McClintock’s discovery of ‘jumping genes’. 

We will also be extending the opening hours of our free exhibition, Craft & Graft: Making Science Happen, until 22:00. 

Transpositions was originally commissioned for a Wellcome-Trust-funded research project on reproduction in the Cambridge Sociology Department.