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Cancer Immunology Scientific Symposium for World Immunology Day 2019


On Friday 26th April, The Francis Crick Institute — in partnership with Nature Research and the British Society of Immunology — will host a special programme of FREE events to celebrate Word Immunology Day 2019. 

Our theme for this year is ‘How our immune system fights cancer’ and we will host a half-day scientific symposium in the afternoon with national and international invited speakers who are experts in the field of cancer immunology.

Immunotherapy has revolutionised cancer treatment and our symposium will gather local and international leaders in the field to present and discuss their latest research findings related to cancer immunology. Topics covered will include new insights into the mechanisms used by the immune system to detect and respond to tumour cells as well as the novel therapeutics that are being developed to harness the power of the immune system.

We are delighted to announce that Professor Drew Pardoll from Johns Hopkins University of Medicine — one of the World’s most eminent clinician–scientists in the field of cancer immunology — will give the Keynote presentation at our symposium.

The full programme for our World Immunology Day symposium is listed below; the organisers also wish to thank Cancer Research UK, AstraZeneca, eLIfe, BD Biosciences and Miltenyi Biotec for their financial support.

*Please note there is a public outreach event in the evening which will be separately ticketed.