A lecture taking place at the Crick.

: Complement and adaptive immunity - the C1q story


Marina Botto

Head of Division of Immunology and Inflammation | Imperial College London

Marina Botto is Professor of Rheumatology, Head of the Division of Immunology and Inflammation and Director of Bioservices at Imperial College London.  She is also an Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist at Imperial Academic Health Science Centre.

Professor Botto research focuses on complement biology and systemic autoimmunity.  Over the years she has developed several animal models of complement deficiency that have helped to understand the role of complement in SLE, renal diseases and more recently in cancer. She has also pioneered the idea that the complement component C1q can act outside the complement system and has roles in ageing, angiogenesis and cancer. Her work, using a variety of experimental models has opened the way to the design of targeted complement inhibitor strategies that will have the potential to treat individuals suffering from a wide range of chronic inflammatory conditions.

Hosted by Brigitta Stockinger

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