Dr Zoe Williams

COVID Conversations Going viral with Dr Zoe Williams

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In our COVID Conversations, you'll meet the Crick scientists working at the forefront of the scientific response to COVID-19.

What is a virus? How does it grow? What happens when it mutates? And what does a new variant really mean? You might hear these questions all the time, but what does it mean to the scientist whose job it is to learn everything there is to know about viruses?

Our panel

David LV Bauer

David Bauer

Meet David, who only recently joined the Crick to head up a lab dedicated to better understanding how viruses work. He’s particularly fascinated by RNA viruses, which include COVID-19, Ebola and the flu. These viruses behave in curious ways, outsmarting nature and breaking the rules that normally govern our bodies. Gaining a better understanding of them gives us the opportunity to understand new coronavirus variants with the potential of developing new drugs that could be used as COVID-19 treatments - getting us ready to tackle any future pandemics head-on.

Dr Zoe Williams

Dr Zoe Williams

Dr Zoe Williams is a practicing NHS GP and media medic with accolades such as being named on the Pulse Power 50 List as one of the country’s most influential GP’s.

Outside of the surgery Dr. Zoe is a National Advisor for Public Health England and is a clinical advisor to the RCGP. She is a director and founding member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.