Crick Chat event

Crick Chat on Malaria

Malaria is a disease that causes nearly half a million deaths each year worldwide. Here at the Francis Crick Institute we have a number of teams working on different aspects of the disease.

Join Mike Blackman, a senior Group Leader at the Crick together with Colin Sutherland, Co-Director of the Malaria Centre at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as they discuss the mechanisms of the disease, what is being done to fight it, and the challenges around finding a cure.

Crick Chats are relaxed and friendly evening events that bring you face-to-face with researchers working at the Francis Crick Institute and our partner organisations.

Hear about their work, ask a burning question, or just enjoy a chat. Crick Chats are free and open to all, whatever your background.  No prior knowledge of science is required.

Drinks and light snacks will be available for purchase from the Crick Café from 18:30.

Please note our current exhibition Craft & Graft closes at 16:00 on a Thursday, but people attending the Crick Chat will be able to view it from 18:30 when doors open for the event.