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Title: The making of the fly abdomen: a story of size and senses

Nic was born in Poitiers, France. He completed a BSc in Biochemistry at Imperial College London followed by a PhD in Alan Hall's lab at UCL (University College London). He was a postdoctoral fellow in Iswar Hariharan's lab at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, USA and became a staff scientist (CNRS) in Pierre Leopold's lab at the University of Nice, France.

Nic was a junior group leader at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute (now part of the Francis Crick Institute) from 2003 to 2009 and a has been senior group leader since 2009.

The question: How is the size of our bodies and organs defined and maintained? is at the heart of his lab's research. Nic's lab, the Apoptosis and Proliferation Control Laboratory, is interested in a series of cell signals that form a pathway called Hippo. This pathway is interrupted in many cancers, so they seeking to understand how Hippo is linked to the way body tissues are built.